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FITLIGHT® Wireless Three Dimensional LED Lighting Training System

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FITLIGHT Wireless Three Dimensional LED Lighting Training System

Revolutionizing How You Train

The FITLIGHT® system is a wireless LED lights system designed for elite reaction and cognitive training. Patented sensors register both impact (touch) and motion. Lights are incredibly durable and flexible, and the system can be used indoors or outdoors up to 50M-75M away from the device.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is a unique wireless reaction training system comprised of customizable LED powered FITLIGHTS® controlled by a Tablet Controller. The FITLIGHTS® are used as targets for the user to deactivate and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training regimes.

This training system is designed to capture human performance, targeting reaction time, speed, agility, coordination – all measured for immediate performance feedback. FITLIGHT Trainer™ is the original light training system.

  • Set up lights in any configuration to improve hand-eye coordination, strength and conditioning, and agility.
  • Lights are used as targets to help train reaction time and speed.
  • Program lights can be deactivated by full contact or proximity sensing.
  • Allows for single or multiple users for more dynamic, competitive training.
  • Various measurements can be captured for immediate feedback through Real Time Assessments or Data Capture.
  • Mount LED lights to any wall, floor, or piece of equipment for endless training options.

What's Included:

FITLIGHT Trainer™ - comes equipped with:

  •         FITLIGHT™ light sensors
  •         1-10” Tablet Controller with FITLIGHT Trainer™ Software
  •         1 Charger with a universal Power supply
  •         Velcro attachments
  •         Velcro Pads
  •         1 Hard shell carrying/storage case
  •         FITLIGHT Dashboard


Accessories include velcro attachments, charging cables, and a carrying bag for portability. Operated with a subscription-free App, users can customize and choose from over 30 preprogrammed drills in 8 categories. Up to 8 groups and 32 lights can be added with easy-to-save data to review progress. Create player and team profiles, with the ability to add up to 8 groups and 32 lights. Save data to review progress later. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

  • Programmable LED wireless lights
  • Patented programmable motion and impact sensor. Can deactivate from 10cm-80cm (programmable in 10cm increments) and 3 impact levels (low, medium, hard)
  • Use anywhere/anytime - great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easily mounted on a variety of surfaces and integrated into any training routine with the included Velcro pads or any of our flexible mounting options (sold separately)
  • Adaptable for both single person use and group training (for up to 8)
  • Sleek and robust design that is impact resistant and made to last
  • Water resistant against splashes & spills

  • Expand your system any time with up to 32 lights (total)
  • Unlimited programming options - completely customize programs, to each individual light
  • Capture feedback immediately or save to your dashboard for later review
  • Other features include: Optional beep sound, wireless range of up to 75M*, and battery life of 8-10 hours (varies depending on usage)
  • 3-Year warranty

How It Works

The FITLIGHT TrainerTM is a speed and cognitive training system that’s designed to completely transform the way we exercise, train, and measure performance. Excellent for sports, healthcare, and tactical performance, this innovative speed training system helps users to strengthen the bond between the mind and body, enhance their reaction and response time, and so much more.


The wireless, RGB LED powered lights that are included in the FITLIGHT® training system are used as targets for the user to deactivate as per the reaction training routine. Controlled by a tablet, these unique training can be mounted to walls, poles, and other training equipment. Or, they can be strategically placed on the ground for specific training routines.


Our wireless interactive training lights are the perfect cognitive training system that can be adjusted and modified to meet the needs of each user, type of sport, and training practices. Each light is controlled via an included touchscreen tablet controller. During setup, users can program the lights using one the intuitive and engaging built-in programs. Users can also modify programs or create unique regimens themselves (TrainerTM only).


Once the user has selected their desired program, they can begin using the lights. During any type of training, specifically, speed and agility training, the lights can be deactivated by use of the users’ hands, feet, head, or sport/fitness/healthcare related equipment. The deactivation of the lights can be achieved through full contact or proximity–waving, running past, swiping, etc.


During these training routines, various measurements of the user’s performance are captured for immediate feedback or can later be downloaded to a central computer for future analysis. Our lights are designed to provide users, trainers and professionals with comprehensive data that will allow them to locate where specific areas of improvement are needed and, therefore, adjusting the cognitive training system accordingly.

About FITLIGHT Trainer™

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is designed for the use of any individual that seeks to improve attributes of human performance through dynamic training regimes.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ has several applications and can be used by individuals of all levels and developmental stages whereby they can experience a powerful training experience for a wide range of physical conditioning, reaction/response training, vision training and numerous other physical and cognitive skills training.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ utilizes a combination of patented hardware and software to rapidly drive the user’s development in all areas with tangible feedback for a personal fitness benchmark.

Any user can easily monitor performance levels, customize training regimes and engage in the ongoing development and assessment of training programs through the analysis of real-time data feedback.

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