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FREE Shipping On All Orders! Lowest Price Guaranteed & No Sales Tax. Call Us At (408) 391-3813

Shootaway The Gun 12K Shooting Machine With Touchscreen And 19" Front Display

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Shootaway The Gun 12K Shooting Machine With Touchscreen And 19" Front Display

The Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way is the most advanced shooting machine in the world. Complete with a fully interactive touchscreen with over 200 programmable locations and a 19″ front display for instant feedback, drill instruction, and much more.

The Gun 12K has numerous colors and variations to truly make it your custom shooting machine.  Shootaway has been the top shooting machine manufacturer selling over 26,000 shooting machines since its beginning.  These machines are made in the USA.

The Gun 12K by Shoot-A-Way includes a number of great features…

  • The Floor is Yours – With over 200 programmable locations, you can touch ANY spot on the floor to shoot from, or drag and drop a ball to change a location.
  • Real Time Analytics – Track 2’s, 3’s and Free Throws within the same workout. Reports statistics in real time on the touchscreen and front Scoreboard
  • Touch Screen – Allows players to touch the spots where they want to receive the pass and start shooting in a matter of seconds.
  • Makes in a Row Counter– Program shooting workouts that demand so many “makes in a row” before the Gun will move to another area.
  • Made at a Spot – Require made shots at a spot before going to the next spot.


  • On Demand Workouts – Shoot-A-Way Trainers demonstrate shooting drills right on the screen and The Gun will automatically program itself.
  • Makes Required Mode to challenge the best shooters. This will require shots to be MADE at a specific location before moving to the next spot. This allows you to focus on successful repetition vs just getting 500 shots in.
  • Increase Arch – increase players arch to 45 degrees and get a 44% increase in target size
  • Countdown Bar– lets the players know when the next ball is going to be fired.
  • Fire up to 1800 shots per hour
  • Collection Net – Industries only hand made netting that is strong and transparent. Adjust from 11′-14′ to force players to shoot with the right amount of arch from shooting spot.
  • Easy Set up and Take Down – Set up in 25 seconds and take down in 15 seconds.
  • One Piece Construction rolls through any standard doorway.
  • Wireless Remote: Start or stop the Gun from firing anytime. Control time between passing allowing you to change a drill. Manually fire balls with the push of a button making it easier to teach correct shooting form.
  • Customize in your team colors and logo on sides.
  • 5 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on the shooting net.


  • Speaker System – play music wireless with your phone
  • Post Passer – “catch” net that allows for players to move the Gun away from the basket and receive post entry passes
  • Heart Rate Tracker  track heart rate and compare it to shooting percentage
  • Storage Cover 

The Gun 12k & The Gun 10K vs. Dr. Dish CT & Dr. Dish All-Star

Country of Manufacturing USA FlagUSA USA FlagUSA China China
Collection Net Clear Netting Clear Netting Black Netting Black Netting
Adjustable Net Height 10’11” to 12’9″
(22″ adjustment)
10’11” to 12’9″
(22″ adjustment)
10’11” to 11’3″
(4″ ajustment)
10’11” to 11’3″
(4″ ajustment)
Shot Counter Non-Intrusive.
Lets you hear the
sound of the “Swish”
Lets you hear the
sound of the “Swish”
Large plastic flapper
Steel cage surrounds net
Will never hear a “Swish”
Large plastic flapper
Steel cage surrounds net
Will never hear a “Swish”
Interface 10″ Graphic User
Interface (Gui) Featuring
Drag And Drop
7″ Touchscreen 15.6″ Touchscreen 8″ Touchscreen
In Workout Front Screen 19″Screen Displays Live
Heat Map, Streak Counter
And Stats.
Digital Display Shows
Only Total Shots, Makes
And % During The W/o
15.5″ Screen Shows
Only Total Shots Makes
And % During The W/o
8″ Screen Shows Only
Total Shots Makes And %
During The W/o
In Depth Stats For Career,
Month, Percentages For Shots
On The Move, Off The Dribble
Or Catch And Shoot
Yes No No No
WiFi Not Required Only Needed
For Updates
No Internet
– No Problem
No internet in Gym
– Can’t keep stats
check mark
Displays Heat Map
During Workout
Yes No No No
Makes In A Row
Streak Counter
Yes No No No
Storage Size 78″ – Height
28″ – Width
52″ – Length
1,456 in2” – Base
78″ – Height
28″ – Width
52″ – Length
1,456 in2” – Base
78″ – Height
34″ – Width
49″ – Length
1,666 in2” – Base
78″ – Height
30″ – Width
40″ – Length
1,200 in2 – Base
Machine Weight 358 lbs.
Built to last!
358 lbs.
Built to last!
293 lbs.
Light, flimsy frame
275 lbs.
Light, flimsy frame
Throwing Mechanism Throwing arm
(Quiet With natural back spin)
Throwing arm
(Quiet With natural back spin)
Steel square tubing
(Loudly and Inconsistently punches the ball out)
Steel square tubing
(Loudly and Inconsistently punches the ball out)
Pass Distance Selector 20+ throw distances per spot 20+ throw distances per spot 5 preset distances 5 preset distances
Perimeter Locations Unlimited 17 9 5
Shot Selection Over 200 Programmable
Over 170 spots 45 spots 25 spots
Custom Order Passing check mark check mark check mark check mark
Post Passing Option check mark check mark check mark Not Available on this model
Build Custom Workouts check mark check mark check mark check mark
Quick and Easy Setup check mark
Put up shots in under 60 seconds!
check mark
Put up shots in under 30 seconds!
Up to 2 minutes of setup
before shooting
Up to 2 minutes of setup
before shooting
Comes Fully Assembled check mark
Fully assembled and tested
by American workers
check mark
Fully assembled and tested
by American workers
Shipped directly from China
Some assembly required
Shipped directly from China
Some assembly required
Free Customization check mark check mark Extra charge Extra charge
5-Year Warranty on Accessories check mark check mark 1-year warranty on accessories 1-year warranty on accessories
Free Shipping on Warrantied Parts check mark check mark Customer pays shipping Customer pays shipping
Displays Drill
Instruction Videos
check mark No check mark check mark
Wireless Remote check mark check mark check mark check mark
Save Custom Built Drills Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Up to 20
Track 2’s, 3’s and FT’s in same workout check mark No No No



The Gun will throw to 17 spots around the perimeter compared to just 9 spots with the Dr. Dish CT.


The Dr. Dish has only 5 Distance settings. If you compare a 6’4″ player and a 5’6″ player both wanting to shoot FT jumpers, the 6’4″ player may catch the pass at his chest while the 5’6″ player catches the same pass over his head.

With The Gun there are 20 plus distance settings per spot. The ability to make the slightest changes in the passing distance allows players of any height to catch the ball right in their shooting pocket, every time, at any spot. The flexibility of the Distance and Pass Placement is just another reason why Most Coaches Count on The Gun.


We tried a Black Net 20 yrs. ago and 85% of Coaches and Players preferred the Clear Net. One of the main reasons Most Top Coaches choose The Gun is they want their players practicing game like shots. For example, some teach focusing on the eyelet on the front of the rim, and the Black Net makes it very difficult to see. This is only possible on the Gun!


Hearing a swish is a Reward for a Perfect Shot and Motivation for the player. Players and Coaches love the fact that Gun’s counter never touches the ball. The Dr. Dish counter will never let you hear a swish. The steel cage under rim will just make a “Clank” noise.

The Gun – Clear Net

Dr. Dish – Black Net

The Eye Chart is used as reference of clarity.

REASON #3 Motor Comparison


Our Motor is nearly 5 Times bigger and has 3 Times the life expectancy.
The Gun uses high-quality, heavy duty components that will last you 15 – 20 years.

REASON #4 Net Height Adjustment

Our net is over 5 Times more adjustable to encourage optimal shooting arc and not allow “Flat” shots. The higher net will also collect more misses so they are not bouncing all over the gym.

REASON #5 Compare Throw Distance

The Gun – has 4 Times as many Throw Distances per spot. This allow for players of all sizes and skill levels to make the slightest adjustment and be able to catch the ball right in their shooting pocket every time.

Dr. Dish – has only 5 Set Throw Distances per spot. With no ability to adjust, players will be forced to catch passes overhead or down by the knees.

REASON #6 - Pass Location vs Shot Location

The Gun 12K is the only machine in the world that can program a passing location.
Get accurate shooting stats for your team and partner workouts by tracking stats where the shot is taken when using a passer. Dr. Dish does not have this feature. 




A more quiet machine will make it so you can better communicate with, and coach your players. For the home user, a quieter machine creates a more comfortable, peaceful environment for you and your neighbors.

While in 8th grade, Shoot-A-Way Owner and President, John Joseph, went to a basketball camp at Ashland College where he saw a 1950’s film about Duke University using net systems to help return the basketball to shooters. Not only that, but the net systems actually helped shooters improve their shooting percentage by 10%. So, John told his camp coach that he was going to build one, and that is just what he did when he got home from camp. With pipe and wire, he went out and designed a system that would make him a better shooter and set it up in his neighborhood.

The Original Shoot-A-Way in 1982

People often laughed at the contraption, but it did the trick. While in college years later, he re-designed the system and offered it to coaches as a tool for improved shooting. Most coaches were skeptical, but in 1982, a successful coach in Pennsylvania purchased the first one as a resource for his players to get better faster. John knew that if one coach liked it, thousands more would also. Over 10,000 Shoot-A-Ways have been sold across the country! But, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

In 1998, John wanted to come up with a way for the ball to be passed back to shooters, and that was when the “Gun” was created. In 1999, the University of Florida was the first school to invest in one, and now over 27,000 “Guns” are being used by schools and home users all over the world to help kids work harder and get better faster. And that is the goal of Shoot-A-Way! John says the greatest rewards are the letters and pictures from coaches and players thanking him for giving them a way to reach their goals and achieve success. That is what keeps his passion going for developing new products. The success of this company is only for the blessings of God, and we try to honor God in all that we do.

Coach John Calipari shown with the Original Shoot-A-Way at a Five-Star Basketball Camp in PA in 1985 (left), with The Gun 6000 at the University of Memphis in 2007 (middle) and most recently with The Gun 10K at the University of Kentucky in 2020 (right).

Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame Induction

Shoot-A-Way Owner and President, John Joseph, is pictured giving his Ohio Basketball Hall for Fame induction speech in 2018. John was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a “Contributor to the Game” with his inventions of, “The Shoot-A-Way” and “The Gun” that forever changed how the game of basketball is played all over the world.

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