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Portacool Jetstream 270 Portable Kuul Comfort Evaporative Cooler PACJS270

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Portacool Jetstream 270 Portable Kuul Comfort Evaporative Cooler PACJS270

When it comes to maintaining shop comfort and beating the heat, the Portacool Jetstream 270 takes the crown as the most powerful evaporative cooler in the Portacool Jetstream series. Combining impressive airflow with the highest quality evaporative media on the market, this powerhouse cooler delivers unmatched cooling performance. Get ready to experience maximum comfort when it counts the most, whether you're a professional athlete, a sports enthusiast, or a dedicated coach.

Elevate Your Cooling Game with the Portacool Jetstream 270

Engineered to up the cooling ante, the Portacool Jetstream series is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in the most demanding sports environments. With its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, the Jetstream 270 stands tall as the ultimate cooling solution. Featuring Kuul Comfort evaporative media, which is renowned for its exceptional quality and effectiveness, this cooler ensures that you stay cool even in the most intense sporting moments.

Cooling larger commercial and open spaces ranging from 700 to 5,625 square feet, the Portacool Jetstream 270 is the go-to choice for sports facilities, gyms, locker rooms, and any space where air conditioning is impractical or costly. Don't let the heat slow you down. Stay cool, focused, and ready to perform at your best with the Jetstream 270.

Unleash the Benefits of Jetstream Evaporative Coolers

Choosing the Portacool Jetstream series comes with a multitude of benefits that make it the preferred cooling solution for athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts alike. Here are the key advantages that set the Jetstream evaporative coolers apart:

  1. One-Pass Cooling: With the Jetstream evaporative coolers, you can experience a dramatic drop in air temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit with just a single pass. Say goodbye to sweltering heat and enjoy a refreshing cool zone in your shop, garage, or factory, even if you need to keep the doors open.

  2. No Installation Necessary: Say goodbye to complex installations. The Jetstream evaporative coolers are plug-and-play devices. Simply find an outlet (most models use a standard plug, but some require a 220-volt outlet), plug in the cooler, and let it work its magic. You can rely on the large water reservoir or hook up a hose for continuous cooling without the need for any additional installations.

  3. Efficient Operation: The Jetstream evaporative coolers operate with incredible energy efficiency. By leveraging the air's own heat, these coolers generate cool air while consuming energy comparable to that of a large fan. Say hello to a cool and comfortable environment without worrying about soaring energy bills.

  4. Easily Transportable: Designed with sturdy casters, the Jetstream evaporative coolers offer easy mobility. They can be effortlessly wheeled around your garage, factory, or shop, providing cooling wherever you need it most. Need to take the cooler off-site for a race or a significant event? No problem! Even the largest Jetstream models can be lifted into a truck with the help of two people, ensuring cooling comfort wherever your sports adventures take you.

Don't let excessive heat dampen your sports performance. Stay cool, focused, and in control with the Portacool Jetstream 270. Elevate your game, push your limits, and experience the power of exceptional cooling performance that fuels your sports success. Invest in the Portacool Jetstream series today and unlock the true potential of your sports environment.


  • Air Delivery 22,500 CFM / 38,228 m3/hr

  • Velocity 26 mph / 42 kph

  • Amps 15.2

  • Speeds Variable

  • Fan Blade Size 48 in

  • Cooling Capacity 5,625 s.f. / 523 m2

  • Water Reservoir 65 G / 246 L

  • Dimensions (inches) 90 H x 78 W x 36 D

  • Dimensions (cm) 229 H x 198 W x 91 D

  • Weight 278 lb / 126 kg

  • Decibel Level High- 80 / Low- 58

  • Electrical Requirements Standard 115v - 20 amp plug

  • National Stock Numbers 4120-01-481-6048


  • Amp up your cooling game with this large evaporative cooler

  • The product can be used for whole shop cooling or multiple products can be used to increase overall airflow

  • Kuul Comfort evaporative media

  • Low-water shutoff and cord wrap included


About Portacool


Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers entered the marketplace in 1990 offering the first version of an evaporative cooler designed to provide economical, effective cooling where ever it was needed. Thirty years later, the company’s consistent growth rate and continued expansion in product lines has positioned it as a global leader in the portable evaporative cooling business with distributors in 50 U.S. states and 56 countries.

Portacool, LLC selected Center, Texas, for its location in the beginning and has never considered moving. Nestled in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas — 150 miles southeast of Dallas, 120 miles northeast of Houston and 17 miles west of the Louisiana border — this small town still maintains the look, feel and hospitality of the original community. However, the town has enjoyed modernization due in large part to the manufacturing and technological advances of companies like Portacool choosing Center as their location.

Portacool portable evaporative coolers have proven highly effective in unlimited uses ranging from agricultural and horticultural applications, manufacturing, industrial, business, entertainment, sports, home, and hobby — anywhere cooling is needed and traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. With a strong network of distributors, Portacool, LLC continues to expand its worldwide market horizons and produce outstanding sales revenues, all from the beautiful setting of Center, Texas.
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