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Powerplate New Year Ignite Bundle & Program

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Powerplate New Year Ignite Bundle & Program

The ultimate at-home fitness bundle to start the new year with.

Are you ready to start the New Year with a bang?

Power Plate has the perfect bundle to get you moving, sweating, and on the way to your fitness and health goals for 2024.

🦴️ Increase Bone Density
🔥 Burn More Calories
🦵️ Improve Muscle Recovery
❤️️ Improve Circulation
🤸‍♂️ Improve Flexibility
⚡️ Activate More Muscle Fibers

Caroline Pearce, one of Power Plate’s Master Trainers, has designed a unique 6 week program to help you get the most from your Power Plate.

This exciting bundle also includes the Power Plate MOVE, Roller, and Slam Ball. The Ignite Body Transformation bundle has everything you need to kick your fitness into high gear – whatever your goals.

By adding the unique vibrations from the Power Plate MOVE to your workout plan you gain all kinds of amazing benefits. These include burning up to 50% more calories, activating up to 138% more muscle fibers, improving circulation, increasing bone density, and even improving recovery.

Incorporating the Slam Ball into your MOVE workouts allows you to perform even more core, mobility, rotational, and strength training exercises.

And finally after a vigorous workout, enjoy comforting recovery sessions with the Power Plate Roller. This unique roller takes foam rolling to a new level by adding the benefits of vibrations to your recovery. Helping you relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles.

This program was designed to benefit people of all fitness levels and includes a wide variety of exercises to keep you coming back. The Ignite Body Transformation bundle is packed with quick, effective workouts to help you get the best possible results from your Power Plate.

The 6 Week New Year Ignite Workout Program
($499 value included for free)

  • 4 exercise sessions per week
  • Strength training workouts
  • Fat burning sessions
  • Core and upper body workouts
  • Cardio routines
  • Total body workouts
  • Bonus “fighting fit” workout for stress relief
  • Cool down and recovery exercises
  • Recipes

Meet Your Trainer For 2024, Caroline Pearce

Caroline has been a Master Trainer for Power Plate for 20 years, teaching the principles of vibration training to coaches, medics, and clients globally.

Caroline is a former international athlete for Great Britain, competing in both heptathlon and bobsled at European and global levels. She has a master’s degree in physiology and nutrition and an undergraduate degree in sport science.

Caroline’s expertise lies in small group training, athletic training and youth coaching. She is known throughout the Power Plate community for her high levels of energy and enthusiasm.

She helps millions of people to get fit from the comfort of their own home with her app-based workouts.

The Ignite Body Transformation Program Features 6 Weeks of Whole Body Vibration Training

When you workout on a Power Plate, you immediately add the powerful benefits of vibration to your body. This creates a supercharged workout that immediately causes you to burn more calories than a normal workout on the floor.

On top of burning more calories, you will activate more muscles, improve blood flow, increase bone density and even improve overall balance and flexibility. All of these benefits happen while performing your workouts on the Plate.

And thanks to the increased efficiency of exercising on a Power Plate, you can perform a true full body workout in as little as just 10 minutes!

If you want to set yourself up for success this winter with quick, effective and fun workouts with the full support of a Master Trainer and advanced workout equipment, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this customized fitness bundle before it’s too late.

Save on the Power Plate MOVE, Roller, and Slam Ball when you purchase the Power Plate Ignite Body Transformation Bundle.

This is a limited-time offer and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ignite Body Transformation Bundle Includes:

Power Plate MOVE ($3,395) - The MOVE vibrates 30 to 40 times a second sending tiny vibrations through your body. Working out on top of a Power Plate helps activate more muscles, burn up to 50% more calories, build bone density, and improve blood flow.

Power Plate Roller ($99.99) - The Power Plate Roller takes classic foam rolling to a new level with three vibrating modes that help you relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles. The Power Plate Roller is perfect for placing under your feet, back, and shoulders to help release fascia and promote blood flow to help you warm-up faster and recover more quickly, wherever you are.

Power Plate Slam Ball ($59.99) - The Power Plate Slam Ball is weighted and rubber-coated so that it can withstand explosive exercises. The Slam Ball is perfect for rotational exercises and strength training. Improve hand-eye coordination, core strength, and mobility with this versatile workout tool.

Ignite Body Transformation Program ($499) - A carefully crafted 6-week program with Power Plate Master Trainer Caroline Pearce that includes a mix of strength, fat burning and recovery sessions 4 times a week. Each workout is high energy, dynamic and fun.

*Program enrollment requires the purchase of a New Year Ignite Bundle, which includes a Power Plate MOVE, Roller, and Slam Ball.

One Machine. Endless Benefits.

Burn Fat Quicker

Burn Fat Quicker 

Tighten Skin

Tighten Skin

Burn Fat Quicker

Increase Strength

Increase Circulation

Increase Circulation

Improve Core Strength

Improve Core Strength

Activate More Muscles

Activate More Muscles

Improve Flexibility

Improve Flexibility

Improve Bone Strength

Improve Bone Strength

"Based on standards published by the European Medical Device Directive, Power Plate device may not be intended for home healthcare use. Safe use is partially dependent on a properly grounded power supply."


Your Satisfaction with Power Plate my3 is Guaranteed:

  • Your Power Plate my Series Comes with a Power Plate Warranty
  • Hardware are warranted for three (3) years;
  • Electronics is warranted for one (1) year; and,
  • Labor are warranted for one (1) year.
  • The Lowest Price Guaranteed on Power Plate my Series
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About Power Plate

Using Power Plate is the innovative, time-saving and results-driven way to
improve your fitness and wellbeing.

The history of Power Plate is a story about exploring new frontiers and expanding what is known about exercise, health, and human potential. From space programs to elite athletes, wheelchair bound persons regaining the ability to walk, to the average exerciser; Power Plate offers safe and inclusive programming for both active and aging populations.

Acceleration training has crossed many thresholds, everything from rebuilding bone density to improving blood flow. Power Plate is accredited in over 120 countries spanning the genre of fitness, health, anti-aging, wellness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, high performance, and professional athletics. The majority of professional sports teams use it as a standard training protocol, as well as coaches, trainers, scientists, doctors, and therapists.

Whole body vibration was first used by cosmonauts to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. Today, Power Plate has continued developing the technology to create products and training programs that deliver legendary performance for professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs, studios and individuals around the globe.

Power Plate’s vibrating platform triggers immediate contractions of working and stabilizing muscles, resulting in positive improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, postural control, circulation, and coordination. In addition, the harmonic vibration contributes to positive hormonal responses.

The patented, 3D vibration of Power Plate is gentle and low impact (no jerking, jarring or discomfort), and most times you can’t even see the person on it moving from the vibration. On each Power Plate, the whole platform moves in the same direction at the same time predominantly in a vertical direction (that is, up and down). A superior characteristic of Power Plate, however, is that it also moves subtly backwards and forwards, and side-to-side. This three-dimensional “tri-planar” movement is key to enhanced proprioceptive stimulus. Our bodies are designed to move and respond this way, and so Power Plate creates an “authentic” environment to stimulate the body’s natural responses. Power Plate also produces consistent, harmonic vibration, which feels comfortable and safe for all users. The importance of a predictable, harmonic motion is that the body learns best when stimuli are repetitive and precise, so the neuromuscular system gets the most optimal stimulus.

Using Power Plate will keep you revitalized in daily life. In just a few minutes, you can increase the sense of your well-being by performing simple stretches and easy movements to counter the negative effects of sedentary living.

Set your workout on vibrate and incorporate the five key elements of effective training—Stretch, Balance, Core, Strength and Massage— into a 30-minute total-body workout using Acceleration Training™ from Power Plate.

Do more in less time and get the best workout you've ever had.

The Power Plate® Difference

Power Plate has earned these 2 combined medical accreditations:

MDD Certified

Power Plate is MDD Certified Medical device.

Class 1c US FDA-registered

Power Plate is Class 1c US FDA-registered device.

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