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Medical Breakthrough 8 Plus Massage Chair Rapid Full Body Smart Scan™

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Medical Breakthrough 8 Plus Massage Chair Rapid Full Body Smart Scan™ MBBT8P

 The Medical Breakthrough 8 Plus is engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and help you fall asleep. Medical Breakthrough has always strived to bring massage chairs and medical science together, and this chair is no exception.

Medical Breakthrough Has Many Doctors Behind It, Here Are Just A Few: 

Massage Therapy is Recommended by 569,940 Doctors! Why Do So Many Doctors Think It's Good For You?

According to the AMTA, 69% of all doctors recommend and encourage their patients to get massages. That's over 569,940 doctors that say massages are beneficial to your health. It's so good for you, even CNN reports that there are actual medical benefits to massage therapy. With so many doctors and institutions recommending it, the least you can do is give it a try. It could actually change your mind, body and soul.


With over 167 air cells, this is one of the most comfortable massage chairs on the planet. The 167 air cells ensure that every inch of your body gets an amazing massage. With the Rapid Full Body Smart Scan™, you can be on your way to a high-quality, medical massage in mere moments. By enhancing the chair’s ability to recognize your specific body type, the scan will provide the most accurate massage possible.

Medical Breakthrough chairs are more than just massage chairs, they were designed to help heal your body. Because of all the doctors that came together to help make Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs possible, and their 100+ years of combined experience, you can be confident in the medical benefits you will receive from a daily massage from one of our chairs.

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  • THE USA’S TOP ESSENTIAL OILS: Treat yourself to our bestselling set of 20 ORGANIC OILS. It includes bergamot, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, orange, peppermint, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, tea tree, vanilla and vetiver oils from PREMIUM SOURCES.

  • PLANT-POWERED FORMULAS FROM AROUND THE WORLD: Regular brands use ingredients grown with GMOs, while we only source ORGANIC ingredients from farms with a commitment to regenerative, earth-kind practices. Our team travels the globe to bring you the PUREST eucalyptus essential oil from Australia, lavender from France, and peppermint from India.
  • 2X MORE POTENT: Most essential oils go rancid quickly once exposed to heat, light and oxygen. They’ll begin to smell strange and lose potency. Our FrostProtect bottle keeps oil STABLE for 24+ months, so you can enjoy the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and ANTIOXIDANT benefits of your oils for longer.

  • STEAM-DISTILLED FOR 4X LONGER-LASTING AROMA: Regular oils are extracted using nasty solvents like hexane. We steam distill our potent oils to PRESERVE THEIR FRAGRANCE FOR 4X LONGER. This means they’re IDEAL FOR USE IN HUMIDIFIERS & DIFFUSERS. Our unique distillation process takes place in small batches in our California apothecary.
  • 100% PURE: Most essential oils on the market include alcohol or cheap, synthetic fillers—companies dilute their purity to cut costs. We never dilute our STEAM-DISTILLED oils, which preserves their UPLIFTING and INVIGORATING properties. Escape the everyday—create a new self-care ritual with LagunaMoon!


  • Zero Gravity Sleep System™
  • Full Body Scan - Smart Full Body Medical Scan™
  • Head to Toe Back Massage System™
  • 4D Massage - True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™
  • Lower Back Massage - Intense Lower Back Rollers
  • Engulfed Arm Massage System™
  • Quiet Massage
  • Adjustable Leg Extensions
  • Wheels so you can easily move the chair around.
  • Full Body Stretch
  • Medical Breakthrough World Famous Hip Twist™
  • Shoulder Massage - Humongous Shoulder Massagers
  • Heat Massage - Intense Heat Therapy™
  • Foot Reflexology Massage System™
  • Custom Forming Sole Rollers™
  • Hand Reflexology Massage Sytem™
  • Full Body Reflexology Massage System™
  • Human Hands Massage System™
  • Chiropractic BodyTwist™ Technology
  • Extreme Customization System™
  • Rapid Full Body Smart Scan™
  • Double-Layered Foot & Calf Massage
  • Extra Strength Shoulder and Neck Massage
  • Enhanced Full Body Reflexology Massage System™


  • Operating Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Recline Dimensions, Feet Down: 36 wide x 32 high x 72 deep (inches)
  • Upright Dimensions: 36 wide x 53 high x 52 deep (inches)
  • Weight: 404 lbs
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs

In a Nutshell

The first massage chair engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and help you fall asleep.

Unlike other companies who say they offer FREE shipping, but charge you extra for Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, we offer shipping everywhere in the USA & Canada completely FREE without hidden fees. 


All of our chairs come with a 3 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your chair, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE. **


1. How many boxes does it come in and is it easy to install?

Medical Breakthrough 8 comes in 1 box and is already fully installed. All you have to do is take it out of the box, install the remote, and move it to where you want it placed. Then, lean the chair back and start using it. Then, it is ready to go.

2. Does the chair come with back rollers?

Yes, this chair has quad back rollers that perform deep tissue massages.

3. Does this chair have a vibrating massage?

Yes, it does have a vibrating massage. You can click on vibrating and the chair will perform a vibrating massage.

4. Do I need to install the remote control holder?

The remote control holder comes with the chair but it is optional. You can install it with a few screws or you can just use the remote control without the holder. It works great both ways.


5. Do the wheels extend out for taller people?

Yes it does. It can adjust to any height that is under 7 feet tall.

6. I'm on the 2nd floor, is this chair hard to bring to the 2nd floor?

It's just one box, if you use a dolly, it is going to be very easy.

7. Are there rollers at the bottom of the feet?

No, there are no rollers. It does foot massages with air bags. Only our Reflexology Foot Massage System which comes with Breakthrough 7 & 8 has rollers at the bottom to massage your feet from every angle.

8. What is the max capacity for this massage chair?

It can hold a max of 300 pounds, other models can handle more.

9. Does this chair massage your hips?

Yes, it uses air bags and vibration to massage your hips.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Satisfaction with the Medical Breakthrough 8 Plus is Guaranteed

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax in the U.S.


To help you decide for yourself how effective Medical Breakthrough 5 is, we have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails and comments from customers who have paid for and used Breakthrough 5.



We spent years at our chiropractic office, seeing patients suffer from all kinds of pain; from minor shoulder pain, to severe lower back pain and to pain that just spreads throughout the entire body. After over 36 years of practice, there isn't much we haven't seen. Because of the high number of people that suffer, we figured there has to be a solution. So, we spent years waiting for someone to invent a massage chair that we would be able to recommend to all of our patients to help them ease the pain they were experiencing. After decades of waiting, we grew tired and decided it was time to make our own chair. We spent the last 14 years trying to develop a massage chair that could help solve many of the problems we saw on a daily basis; a massage chair that could help heal your body.

There are many massage chairs out there, but most of them miss the mark when it comes to relieving pain and correcting posture; the majority simply provide massages with few medical benefits.

We wanted a massage chair that had our 36 years of experience in it, a chair that was just like having a personal chiropractor at your own home massaging and helping you relieve pain whenever you wanted. We worked with several manufacturers to develop the ultimate line of massage chairs. We went through dozens and dozens of models but many just didn't work properly. After investing nearly everything we had saved, down to our last couple of thousands; we finally had a breakthrough and engineered a chair that dramatically helps relieve the majority of the pain in your body. Because it was so difficult to make and took so much of our precious time and money, we decided to call it the Medical Breakthrough Series.

We are the direct manufacturer of the chairs we sell, and our Medical Breakthrough massage chairs can work to help eliminate the pain in your body and solve many of the problems we all face as we get older. We believe everyone deserves good health, and our chairs tap the power of massage therapy to help support you in your effort to live a life that's unburdened by stress and illness.

Our chairs offer the massage features that you need to feel your very best. We are perfectionists and in control of the product from start to finish, and there is no middleman to compromise our vision. You can purchase our chairs directly from us with confidence, knowing that you're getting a high-quality product. 

Many of our competitors offer chairs that are poorly made or that are missing key features. The Medical Breakthrough massage chairs are made with materials and manufacturing practices that are second to none, in world class facilities. We spared no expense when it comes to making a massage chair that can help you take control of your health.

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