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When you’re a fitness champ and you develop back and knee problems from your intense workouts, avoiding the gym is simply not an option. That’s why Steve Nichols decided to develop a machine that would provide the same outcome without the wear and tear on his body. The result is Jacobs Ladder – a combination treadmill/ladder climbing monster that is so tough, it’s been used and verified by the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, FBI and many more to keep them all in top condition.

Jacobs Ladder is a high intensity interval training tool, featured on television programs like NBC’s “Biggest Loser” and CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow.” It’s the machine trusted by pro athletes like the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics and Kansas City Royals, and college athletic programs at Penn State, Duke, UNC, Ohio State, Michigan and others. It helped train Robert Downey, Jr. to be “Iron Man,” and used to train others to climb Mount Everest. Where will Jacobs Ladder take you?