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E-bikes are built on a mountain bike frame, they all have an electric motor, a lithium ion battery to power the motor, and they all ride on fat tires. Tremendous amounts of power and torque combined with "smart" features and a sturdy but lightweight frame.

When you own a Bakcou eBike, you are part of more than just a group of individuals with a common interest, you are part of a Tribe. For us, hunting is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. We want to see your adventures and where a Bakcou eBike has taken you.

BAKCOU is committed to the design and manufacturing of the best electric hunting bikes, bicycle components, and related products on the market. They are uncompromising in their materials, process of manufacturing, development of new products, and innovation of the highest quality.  The company was founded on a few basic principles.

  • First, this bike is Made By Hunters For Hunter who love for the back country and the desire to access these remote areas with minimal disturbance to wildlife and their habitat through quiet and non-pollutant means. 
  • Reliable and efficient, yet affordable, electric bikes on the market.  Their goal wasn’t to create a mountain bike conversion kit by simply adding a motor to a bicycle frame that wasn’t designed and intended to operate with one. Instead, they designed the bike around the motor and the drive train with the necessary framework and durability needed to withstand the abuse and demands placed on it, and then included a comprehensive warranty to stand behind it. 
  • Thirdly, BAKCOU was built by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts for those that want the same thing, which is to climb higher, go farther and explore more without adding more stress to the environment.

Hunting on the Mulke eBike

BAKCOU Electric Hunting Bikes and The Top Reasons You Need One

  • Best Motor - BAKCOU use the Ultra mid drive Bafang motor, the best and highest performing motor on the market today
  • Go Farther - BAKCOU help you go farther in a fraction of the time
  • Built By Hunters - BAKCOU are built by hunters for hunters, so you get not just an ebike, you get an electric hunting bike built for your hunting needs
  • No Scent Trail - With an electric hunting bike you can move around without leaving a scent trail
  • Move Stealthily - eBikes are very quiet so you don’t spook the game
  • Carry Extra Gear – They are built to carry 300lbs and if that’s not enough the trailers can carry an additional 150lbs so you can make it one quick effortless trip out instead of a tiring back and forth lugging heavy gear on your back.  Plus the bunch of other accessories available like rear racks and waterproof saddle bags for extra storage on the bike and not on your back
  • Stay Out Longer - With the possibility to carry more gear and supplies you can stay out longer than before to extend your next hunting trip
  • Age is Not a Factor  They makes it easier for anyone to reach your favorite distant spots without the fatigue of hiking with gear so no matter your age or physical stature those once forgotten golden spots are attainable again
  • Limited Mobility Not an Obstacle - Hunters with limited mobility, whether it’s an old injury that didn’t heal properly or a life changing injury, an eBike can make a world of difference and get you back out hunting again
  • Reach Remote Unspoiled Spots - You can go farther than the weekend warrior is willing to walk.  Leave them behind and take your eBike to that remote location
  • Check Trail Cameras Quickly -  eBikes can go between 20 and 25 mph depending on the model.  You can check your perimeter and trail cameras and be back before you miss anything
  • Stay Safe - eBikes are fast so you can get out of a potentially dangerous situation in seconds
  • Environmentally Friendly -  Hunting is also about preservation. They knows this and built an eBike that is extremely friendly to the environment