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FREE Shipping On All Orders! Lowest Price Guaranteed & No Sales Tax. Call Us At (408) 391-3813

Optishot Golf In A Box 5 BallFlight 4k Compact Simulator Series GIAB5

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Optishot Golf In A Box 5 BallFlight 4k Projector Pro Bay Enclosure Simulator Series GIAB5

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to experience the ultimate fusion of sporting excellence and financial acumen! Prepare to be blown away by the sheer power and precision of the BallFlight simulator, a revolutionary device that harnesses the cutting-edge technology of high-speed infrared sensors and cameras.

Every swing you take will be meticulously analyzed as this next-gen launch monitor measures both your club and ball data, leaving no room for error. Whether you choose to practice indoors or take your game outdoors, the BallFlight system will be your steadfast companion, guiding you towards greatness. Compact and sleek with dimensions of 10"H x 6"W x 3"D, this device packs a punch that even the most discerning golfing enthusiasts will appreciate.

But that's not all! The Golf In A Box 5 pro bundle is replete with features that will take your golfing experience to new dimensions. The Pro Bay Enclosure, designed to seamlessly integrate into any environment, offers you the perfect setting to immerse yourself in the game. No matter the space or budget constraints you face, we have an enclosure size that suits your needs. With the ability to handle top golf ball speeds of 225 MPH, this enclosure is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring years of unfaltering performance.

To recreate the authentic golfing feel, we bring you the OptiShot stance mat, a masterpiece that brings the golf course right to your doorstep. Crafted with high-density foam and high-quality turf, this mat delivers an experience so realistic that you'll forget you're in your own home. Choose between the 4'(L) x 5'(W) or 4'(L) x 10'(W) options and step onto the turf that Tiger Woods and Jordan Belfort themselves would approve of.

And let's talk about visuals. The attachable screen included in the Golf in a Box 5 is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With its tightly woven, multilayer construction, it ensures a smooth and crisp image projection, taking your golf simulator experience to unparalleled levels of realism. Bid farewell to grainy visuals as our high-definition image quality engulfs you in a world where every swing counts. This non-grainy, HD image is the secret ingredient that creates an immersive indoor golf experience like no other.

Last but not least, the Golf In A Box 5 includes a high-quality, high-definition short-throw projector, the final touch that adds the finishing flourish to your golfing oasis. Choose between the HD short-throw or 4k projector, and opt for a ceiling mount or a floor mount, tailored to your convenience. The HD Projector + Ceiling Mount is a combination that will transport you into a realm where you can almost feel the wind whispering through the fairways.

With Golf In A Box 5, you hold the power to practice your swing at the range or challenge up to 8 players in full rounds on meticulously replicated real course replicas, all from the comfort of your own home. Mother Nature's whims no longer dictate your golfing schedule. It's time to step into a world where you call the shots.

Seize the opportunity and embark on a journey where you define your own success. The legends have spoken, and now it's your turn to make history. Get your Golf In A Box 5 today and let the golfing revolution begin!

Extreme versatility for nearly every space. While OptiShot® can be used in a wide variety of setups, rooms, and configurations, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • We recommend a minimum of 9 feet of ceiling clearance and enough space for you to comfortably (and safely) swing your club. Additionally, because OptiShot uses infrared sensors to provide key shot data and swing analysis it should only be used indoors as the light from the sun causes inaccurate results.
  • Optional equipment - The only thing necessary to get up and running is an OptiShot® series simulator, a computer running OptiShot software, and your golf clubs. Additional equipment is optional but can greatly enhance the experience. Golf In A Box bundles come with everything you need but you can mix and match

Camera and Infrared Technology

With high-speed dual cameras and infrared sensor technology, BallFlight measures your club and ball data on every shot. 

Play and Improve Your Golf Game

Play full rounds with up to 8 players on 20 included real-world courses. Or dial-in your game at one of the four practice ranges, all in your own home or office.

Stance Mat

The OptiShot stance mat gives the full golf like experience. The high density foam and high-quality turf delivers the lifelike golf experience right in your home. Select between 4'(L) x 5'(W) or 4'(L) x 10'(W).

Retractable Screen

The ballistic-grade projection screen is designed to withstand the impact of real golf balls & is surrounded by pro-arm and sky netting for safety. The sky netting and pro-arms help contain errant shots protecting you, your space, and everyone in it. Size: 13'8" W x 8' H x 3' D.

No Annual Subscription Fees

With BallFlight, get access to the 20 included real-world courses and 4 practice ranges with no added annual software fees. 

Complete Custom Buildouts

Have our team of designers create a full golf room customized to your exact space.


*Indoor Use Only.
*Price in US Dollars.
*All items shipped separately, may arrive at different times.
*Taxes and fees are not charged at checkout but are the customer's responsibility.
*Subscriptions are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Warranty -We offer a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase on the BallFlight Simulator including the base, internal electronics, and housing. Additionally, we offer a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase on the Golf Mat, Net, USB Cable, Tees, Tee Gripper, Foam Balls, and Turf.

 Windows Minimum System Requirements  
OS Windows® 10 64 bit Intel Core i5 Quad-Core S Mode disabled.
Graphics Card Dedicated GPU (Graphics Card): OpenGL 4.6 compatible card with 4GB GDDR5 RAM and latest Video Drivers (no more than 6 months old)
Storage 6GB Hard Disk Drive free storage space
RAM 8GB RAM (Memory)
Connections Ethernet port or Ethernet to USB Adapter
Internet Internet connection of 5Mbps for software installation, updates, Premium course delivery, and online play

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