Ironclad 60" Fullcourt Adjustable Height In-Ground Basketball Hoop FCH664-XL

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  • $2,699.00

Ironclad 60" Fullcourt Adjustable Height Hoop FCH664-XL

The Ironclad Fullcourt FCH664-XL is the perfect goal for those looking for a clear view down sized backboard without sacrificing durability. The 42" tall x 60" wide backboard is the same height as regulation NCAA and NBA backboards, but only 60" wide so it will fit nicely in driveway applications or downsized backyard courts.

The 6"x6" x 7 gauge steel post is thicker than those commonly found in similar large sporting good chains giving you a more stable basketball system from the ground up. The post has a plate with eight gussets welded to the bottom of the post which allows the unit to be installed via four anchor bolts supplied with the goal system embedded in the concrete. Anchor bolts allow the unit to be installed perfectly level and removed easily if you sell you home and want to move the goal. The easy to reach crank adjuster moves the backboard and rim up and down from 10' to 5'. Ironclad's steel perimeter frame supports the glass all the way around the outside of the glass and a has a rim support built right into the frame. This gives the backboard excellent durability and clear view without any visible support structure behind the glass. The easy to read height indicator shows the height of the rim as the goal is adjusted up and down.

This basketball goal is covered top to bottom by Ironclad's Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers any damage caused by any kind of basketball related activity which includes hanging on the rim! Pole, gusset and backboard pads are included free. Also, don't get stuck paying for anti-rust undercoat, Ironclad's WeatherShield rust proof undercoat protects the metal from corrosion and is included free with your purchase.

Top Of The Line

  • Adjusts from 10' down to 5.5' – Lowest adjustment height available. Easy to read rim height indicator shows exact height of rim.

  • Effortless Adjustment – Our spring-assist crank design carries the weight of the backboard making rim height adjustments easy for young players.

  • Thick ½" Tempered Glass – 42"x60" is the perfect size for half court.

  • Clean Look – ClearView backboard mount design, no support bars behind the glass!

  • Tough As Nails – One piece 6"x6"x 7 gauge square pole with 48" offset is designed to withstand even the most aggressive slam dunk action.

  • Bolt-Down Installation – Installation is easy with bolt-down post design. Allows goal to easily be relocated if you move.

  • FREE! Post Pad & Backboard Pad – Keep your players safe with pre-installed post pad and backboard pad.

  • FREE! Weather Shield Protection – Each unit has a zinc galvanized undercoat and then is top coated with black powder coat paint for an impenetrable weather barrier.

  • Lift Gate Delivery – Your unit will be delivered using a lift gate to assist lowering the unit to the ground off the back of the delivery truck.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! – Entire unit is backed by our lifetime warranty!. See product warranty for details.

Ironclad Sports FCH664-XL Walk Around

Ironclad Sports Heavy Duty Flex & Breakaway Rim Demo


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