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FREE Shipping On All Orders! Lowest Price Guaranteed & No Sales Tax. Call Us At (833) 464-6559

HawkGrips Myofasical Release IASTM Instrument Small Handlebar HG01

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 HawkGrips Myofasical Release IASTM Instrument Small Handlebar HG01

The HawkGrips Handlebar Instruments are best for treating large muscle groups, such as shoulders, back, neck, side abdominals and hamstrings for pain, inflammation and soreness. Precision-engineered, surgical-grade, stainless steel HawkGrips instruments glide over skin to detect and treat soft-tissue injuries using IASTM.

Used to break up abnormal densities in scar tissue and initiate the healing process, they feature single- and double-bevel edges as well as flat edges that allow for precise treatment of injuries. Non-porous construction allows for easy cleaning and eliminates the transfer of bacteria.

The Small Handlebar is best for treating large muscle groups of petite patients/athletes. Perfect for shoulders, back, neck, side abdominals and hamstrings.

Case, emollient, and other accessories sold separately.

  • Instruments slide over your patient’s skin to identify and treat a variety of soft-tissue injuries and fatigue
  • Relieves pain, inflammation, and soreness using IASTM treatment techniques
  • Designed to manage pain in large muscle groups that include your patient’s back, neck, side abdominals, and hamstrings
  • Features cross-hatched gripping that prevents slippage, eases the strain on hands, and extends career longevity


    • Size, Weight, Contours and Edges all are designed for professional Use and provides absolute resonation with hands of a therapist. Thickness - 0.31" (8 mm); Length - 20.47" (520 mm). Weight - 18.48 oz (524 grams).
    • 3 Working Edges and Little Corners. Concave side features a double beveled edge. Convex side has 2 edges: Sharper for superficial work and scanning, and blunter edge to go deeper. Little Corners next to the handles are great for working between junctions of muscles and/or tendons.
    • Clinically Tested. What you see is a result of carefully selected handlebar instrument from dozens of possible combinations of shapes, edges, weights, and contours for handlebars.


    HawkGrips, based near Philadelphia, PA, is the leader in soft tissue therapy instruments and continuing education. We design and sell precision-engineered instruments utilized for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) - a technique intended to detect and release adhesions found in soft tissue.

    HawkGrips is the creator of the highest-quality IASTM instruments on the market and is the leading manufacturer of soft tissue products. HawkGrips are precision-engineered therapy instruments designed to detect and treat soft-tissue injuries. Treatment with our instruments can result in an immediate increase in mobility/range of motion and a decrease in pain*.


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