HawkGrips Ergonomic Multi-Curve IASTM Precision-Engineered Tool HG04

  • $699.00
  • $539.00

HawkGrips Ergonomic Multi-Curve IASTM Precision-Engineered Tool HG04 

 The HawkGrips Multi-Curve IASTM Instrument is designed to treat a variety of muscle and joint groups. The Multi-Curve tool features single-bevel, double-bevel, and convex treatment edges to allow treatment of more precise areas.

HG4 – Small Multi-Curve

Use the Small Multi-Curve instrument to treat fingers, hands, toes, and feet. This option features single bevel, double bevel as well as convex treatment edges. The wipe-clean surface is easy to sanitize and is excellent for professional use.

HG5 – Medium Multi-Curve

The Medium Multi-Curve instruments treats various muscle groups and joints. Use to treat wrists, elbows, calf areas, and knees. This option features single bevel and double bevel treatment edges. 

HG6 – Large Multi-Curve

Best for treating various muscles groups and joints, particularly of larger patients/athletes. Perfect for treating elbows, calf areas, knees, ankles and feet of larger patients/athletes. Features single bevel and double bevel treatment edges.

Case, emollient, and other accessories sold separately. Made in the USA.


  • The HawkGrips Small Multi-Curve tool is best for treating smaller areas including, smaller muscles, smaller joints, fingers, hands, feet and toes.
  • The HawkGrips Medium Multi-Curve tool is great for treating a variety of medium to large-sized muscle & joint groups including wrists, elbows, calf areas, knees, feet and ankles.
  • The HawkGrips Large Multi-Curve tool is great for treating a variety of medium to large-sized muscle & joint groups, particularly for larger patients or athletes. Use this tool on treatment areas such as elbows, calf areas, knees, feet and ankles


  • HawkGrips Multi-Curve instruments feature both single- and double-bevel edges, allowing for greater versatility in treatment. Single-bevel edges allow for greater penetration of tissue, whereas double-bevel edges limit the penetration and are best used on sensitive areas. The double-bevel also allows the instrument to be used in both directions
  • Precision-engineered, ergonomic instrument specifically designed to detect and treat soft tissue dysfunction in muscle, fascia, tendons and scar tissue. Designed to treat fingers, hands, toes and feet
  • Composed of highly durable, surgical-grade stainless steel, a non-porous substance that resonates with tissue irregularities and prevents transfer of bacteria
  • Patented cross-hatch design delivers a comfortable and secure grip for clinicians, enabling greater control over the treatment and reducing strain on the clinician’s hands

HawkGrips, based near Philadelphia, PA, is the leader in soft tissue therapy instruments and continuing education. We design and sell precision-engineered instruments utilized for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) - a technique intended to detect and release adhesions found in soft tissue.

HawkGrips is the creator of the highest-quality IASTM instruments on the market and is the leading manufacturer of soft tissue products. HawkGrips are precision-engineered therapy instruments designed to detect and treat soft-tissue injuries. Treatment with our instruments can result in an immediate increase in mobility/range of motion and a decrease in pain*. 

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