Emojo Ram Sport SS 750W 48V/10.4Ah Folding Fat Tire Step-Through Electric Bicycle

  • $1,999.00

Emojo Ram Sport SS 750W 48V/10.4Ah Folding Fat Tire Step-Through Electric Bicycle 

Ready for action and comfort, the new RAM Sport features a step-thru frame that makes getting on/off effortless. The foldable sturdy aluminum frame is paired with a powerful 48 v 750-watt electric motor that gives you a unique kick boost at the command of your thumb to aid tackle steep uphills. Dual Tektro disc brakes,  7-speed Shimano® gearing, standard LCD display with 5 PAS levels, speedometer, odometer, trip time and several more settings, standard metal fenders, rear cargo rack, LED lights and front suspension make RAM Sport a one of kind e-bike in its class.

The Ram Sport SS folds up in seconds to take with you in your car or on a train, or to store it in smaller places. It's perfect for someone on the go or with limited storage space options. A bracket underneath the frame allows the electric bike to balance flat. 

Many people associate the step-through bicycle as being for women, however, they are convenient for any gender. The big advantage of step-through bikes is that they make it easier and much more comfortable to mount the bike. Your feet will be able to touch the ground and there are no worries about losing your balance and possibly falling while trying to get on it.

The Emojo Ram Sport SS folding fat tire step-through eBike also has a throttle on demand. Turn it on when you need it and it will provide a quick boost to aid tackle steep uphills or cruise around almost like a motorcycle.

Big disc brakes are exactly what you want for maximum stopping power and safety in all conditions and the Emojo Ram Sport SS delivers again. Top it off with free fenders, rear rack, 7-speed Shimano gearing, and 4" fat tires to tackle any surface, and this will be your favorite bicycle you have ever ridden.

Emojo Ram Sport SS 750W 48V Folding Fat Tire Step-Through eBike Folded Dimensions


Three ways to ride the Emojo Ram Sport SS 750W 48V Folding Fat Tire Step-Through eBike

  • Pedal only (with no help from the motor)
  • Pedal Assist (with 5 levels of assist to choose from)
  • Throttle only (effortless like a motorcycle)

The Ram Sport SS can be used as a normal bike where the rider provides all the power, or you can use just the throttle and let the bike do all of the work. There is also an in-between option, Pedal Assist, where the rider pedals and the motor provides a great boost at the same time. You can choose the level that is right for your type of riding. It makes riding fun and effortless.

EMOJO Quick Start Guide


Motor type DC Brushless
Motor power 750W
Rated Voltage 48 V
Maximum speed 20MPH
Battery range 30Miles
Battery charging time 4 - 6hours
Battery type Lithium-Ion
Battery capacity 48V/10.4Ah
Dimensions (inch) 67L x 24 W x 45 H
Dimensions folded 39L x 18 W x 26H
Frame Aluminum-foldable
Max. user weight 230 lbs
Vehicle weight 55 lbs (with battery)
Transmission type Shimano 7-Speed
Front brake type Tektro-Disc
Rear brake type Tektro-Disc
Tire size 4.0R 20 Kenda


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