BESV PSA1 Pedal-Assisted Electric Bike LG battery Aluminum Frame

  • $2,299.00

BESV PSA1 Pedal-Assisted Electric Bike LG battery Aluminum Frame

The new BESV PSA1 URBAN Electric Commuter Bike is based on the well-loved BESV PS1 model with a couple of improved features. Some of these said upgraded components include a 36V*10.5Ah Removable LG Battery, RST CAPA 20 Fork System, 20” x 1.95” CST C1854 Tires, and 20” Aluminum Frame.  And with the 250W Rear Hub Motor and ALGORHYTHM system managing the bike’s power, the BESV PSA1 is surely one of the best electric commuter bikes on the market today. So what are you waiting for? Make it yours now!

Sleek. Stylish. Smart.

The BESV PSA1 pedal-assisted e-bike creates a fun and easy riding experience every time. Sleek and stylish design makes you the coolest rider in town. LCD display and BESV app for smart commutes. Experience the convenience of small wheels and a removable battery. Hop on the PSA1 and enjoy a smooth and delightful cruise around the city.

Precision Frame Crafted for Riding in Style

The PSA1’s precision frame has a designer's touch that gives you a distinctive flair on the road. The lightweight, high-rigidity, aluminum frame and small wheel design reduces the e-bike weight to just 19 kilograms. The PSA1 is easy to lift and fit into the tightest spaces. Its convenience and safety features make cycling a pleasure and a nonstop source of riding fun. Enjoy seeing and being seen on your PSA1!

Power Your Ride As You Like

The PSA1 provides assistance modes from 1 to 3. Simply press the buttons to adjust how much power you need. Ride with ease and speed exactly the way you like it.

A New Breed of Power

Fine-tuned by our team of software experts, our Algorhythm software calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance as required.

A Powerful Motor for Robust Performance

The PSA1 uses a small leading gear set motor, which has the gear set located on the inside. Even though it is light in weight, the PSA1’s motor has been specially designed to deliver robust power, with less than 20 percent of the power lost during use. It is also one of the quietest motors in the e-bike industry.

Advanced Removable Battery

The PSA1’s highly dependable and long-lasting LG battery delivers as much as 95 kilometers of power-assistance on a full 6-hour charge. The removable battery makes charging especially easy and convenient, anytime and anywhere.

 Maximum riding distance is measured by 75kg weight rider, with mode 1 assistance power, 60RPM pedal cadence and 25km/h constant speed on paved road. The distance may be different depends on rider weight, derailleur select, speed, cadence, battery status, tire pressure, road and weather condition. 

A Revolutionary Independent Saddle Design

The PSA1’s aluminum frame and independent saddle design transforms the traditional triangle-shaped bike design and supports up to 120 kilograms.

Smarten Up Your Ride with the BESV Smart App

The BESV Smart App is tailor-made to work seamlessly with the PSA1. The app shows you practical information for your rides with the Dashboard, My Journey, Anti-Theft Alarm, History and much more. The BESV Smart App makes your every move a smart move.

  • LCD display clearly shows assistance mode, battery level, total distance travelled and speed
  • Designed with a full suspension system for a more comfortable ride
  • Available in white, red and yellow
  • Removable battery for convenient charging
  • Featuring three power options, easily adjusted as you choose
  • Powered by Algorhythm, our custom-built power drive system
Battery 36V, 10.5Ah
Frame Aluminum
Power Drive System Algorhythm
Dimensions 1590 x 1100 x 600mm
Weight 19 kg
Colors White / Red / Yellow
Transmission Shimano, Altus 7S
Front Fork RST CAPA 20
Rear Shocks KS A5-RE
Brakes Tektro MD-M311
Tires CST C1854, 20" x 1.95"
Motor 250W Rear Hub
Sensor RPM Sensor
Assistance Modes 3 Assist Modes

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