2022 Golf Skate Caddy Tourer Electric Golf Cart

  • $3,699.00

 2022 Golf Skate Caddy Tourer Electric Golf Cart

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This is the NEW 2022 Golf Skate Caddy (GSC) Tourer.  After the success of the V3, GSC followed up with the Tourer Model that stands in a more traditional forward stance as opposed to the "skateboard style" V3.  Not only is it fun to ride but golfers of all ages will experience a faster-paced game. The GSC TOURER™ rider can ‘ride the turf’ cruising to their own ball, without having to wait for their co-player as in a traditional golf cart. In these crazy times of COVID and social distancing, it makes it the ideal golf transporter. The GSC TOURER™charges quickly and efficiently making it green.

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The GSC TOURER™ is engineered to carry a single-player, plus a 44 pounds (20kgs), 10-inch (25cm) diameter pro-golf bag with ease over 18 holes on a grassy surface before it needs charging. Then, it simply plugs into a normal power socket and charges like a mobile phone.

The dual folding mechanism has also been engineered to fold down to fit in most family vehicles using our stainless steel “eagle claw” combined with our heavy-duty aluminum pole. This allows the quick release mechanism to ensure no time is wasted before the game starts and none when it is time to return to the clubhouse.

Due to the relatively small ground contact area and a ground force pressure equal to a golfer on foot, it has been demonstrated that the GSC TOURER™ offers a significant reduction in course wear and tear and less maintenance compared to current popular modes of vehicular transport. 

The actual impaction per square meter compared to a golf cart is potentially a massive 82% less on the surface area of the golf course and similar or less than a golfer walking with a pull cart.

When riding a traditional 2-person cart you are restricted to where you can drive and have to follow 2 sets of balls. This leads to increased distance as you would not be traveling in a direct path to your destination.

Research has shown that the GSC TOURER™ leads to much faster games than a traditional 2-person cart. When riding a GSC TOURER™, the difference traveled is about the same as walking the course with a pull buggy. The speed of travel however is much faster. The GSC TOURER™ will allow players to play the course in 25% less time while traveling the flight path of the ball, something they can not do with a traditional cart and allows them to really get to "know" and assess the hole and their next shot.

People love The GSC TOURER™ due to its agility and speed. When riding the GSCTOURER™ the rider is balanced, athletic, and in control with precision.

• Heat-treated aircraft aluminium frame with additional Alloy magnesium for reducedweight and added strength.

• High quality "eagle claw" heavy-duty alloy pole quick release mechanism.

• Ergonomic fully custom designed handle bars.

• Industry standard heavy-duty attachment straps to secure golf bag.

• Quick release Samsung Lithium battery (completes up to 27+ holes).

• Custom LCD screen with IOT integration available allowing for fleet managementand QR payment gateway similar to the shared scooter industry (This is available forgolf courses when deploying fleets of 36+ units at an additional charge).

• IP67 Weather / water resistant.

• Easy to ride (1-5 minute learning curve).

• Suitable from ages 16 +.

• Easily transported in your family sedan, hatchback, 4WD etc.

• Max Rider weight: 265pounds/120KG.

• Top Speed: 11mph/18Km/h. (Can also be set to course’s requirements).

• Charge time 5-6 hours.

• Charger fully safety certified 54.6v 2a.

• Range: Up to 28 miles/45km = 27+ holes in real use situation.

• Unfolded ready to ride dimensions H:45inches/115cm W:27inches/69cmL:48inches/122cm.

• Folded ready to load/transport dimensions H:21 inches/55cm W:27 inches/69cmL:48inches/122cm.

Every GSC Tourer comes with a 1-year warranty (including 1-year warranty on your lithium NMC battery).  You must have your original purchase order or receipt of sale in order for the warranty to be effective.  

GSC Product Warranty covers all structural components, materials, and workmanship - but excludes wearing parts; including tires and tubes, painted surfaces, damage caused due to misuse, contravention of operating and maintenance instructions, immersion in, or exposure to water, accidental damage, loss and theft.

The warranty applies to the original purchaser only (non-transferable), and specifies the product is free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year form the original date of purchase.  (Always please retain proof of purchase).

The warranty covers use of the product only under conditions specified in the manual.

All risks associated in the operation of the product remain the sole and assumed responsibility of the person or persons operating the product.  GSC™, its directors, employees, contractors, and suppliers are hereby excluded from any and all liabilities stemming from personal and/or consequential damage, injury, or death, resulting from the use of this product.

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